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Big Tits Claudia Marie
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Sexy Clothes 7

Claudia Marie
A "Sexy Clothes" update featuring the biggest tits Claudia Marie has ever had! 4,200cc's of gigantic whore tit on each side! And her ass is fatter than it has ever been too! Huge, full of cellulite, round, and bigger than the ass on Kim Kardashian! This update will make your cock instantly hard!

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022123sexyclothes7/0.jpg

Mexican Creampie

Claudia Marie, JandroXXX
Claudia Marie has her new 4,200cc each monster titties in now! And she has been working on growing her ass to even bigger size. And while she is healing up from the boob surgery, she isn't taking her birth control pills. Meanwhile, her husband has just bought her a new pink string monokini that he wants...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022123mexicancreampie/0.jpg

The Return Of Mr. Marie

Claudia Marie, Mr. Marie
Claudia Marie decides to film a scene bragging about her new giant 4,200cc each fake balloon titties and her huge, fat, cellulite covered round ass. But then she makes the mistake of talking about the 2 Mexican studs she fucked and then the 3 Black Bulls who gave her anal creampies. Then she reveals...

Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Fake Tits, Pregnant
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022023returnmrmarie/0.jpg

Fat Tits N Ass

Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie shows us her huge 4,200cc's each saline implant saggy fake tits. Then the fat sow shows off her huge cellulite covered booty. And then we get some close-ups of her hard clit and tight asshole before she pleasures herself for us.

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022123fat_tna/0.jpg

Black Cock For New Tits

Claudia Marie, Jay
Claudia Marie is dressed in a tiny white slingshot monokini and has on all of her makeup. She just got brand new 4,200cc each implants in her massive tits and hasn't even had sex yet while they were healing. Matter of fact, the stitches are still in and bandaged. Mr. Marie asks her why she is all dressed...

Tags: Cuckold, Fake Tits, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022023blackcocknewtits/0.jpg

4200cc Implants

Claudia Marie
Porn whore Claudia Marie has NEW implants! The fat whore starts off by showing us her HUGE fat cellulite covered ass that she has made fatter and fatter by having multiple Brazilian Butt-Lift surgeries done to add fat to the butt. She did that for two reasons: 1. Because black guys LOVE it. and 2....

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/0107234200ccs/0.jpg

Big Titty Tour

Black Mac, Claudia Marie
Black Mac is excited to see all the sites in Las Vegas! Iconic casinos, attractions, shows, restaurants...but the FIRST thing he want to see is the tour of Mr. Marie's Stuff. So after going on the guided tour of all of Mr. Marie's cool stuff...Black Mac decides to try out Mr. Marie's BEST possession:...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Interracial, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/120222bigtittytour/0.jpg

Fat XXXMas

Claudia Marie, Kayla Kleevage
It's Christmas time! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than with two saggy fake uddered, giant ass, fat porn cows! LEGENDARY Kayla Kleevage returns to once again brighten the holiday spirits of big butt sow Claudia Marie. The saggy tits fly and the ass cheeks flop as these two bitches show...

Tags: Fake Tits, Lesbian, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/113022fatxxxmas/0.jpg
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