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Big Tits Claudia Marie
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Interracial Hot Tub

Claudia Marie, King
Mr. Marie got a new hot tub! And before he left to go out of town, he told Claudia Marie that NOBODY is allowed in his hot tub. The saggy titted whore decides that doesn't apply to her. So she hops in and starts enjoying a life of luxury in the hot tub. A few minutes later, BBC stud King stops by. Now...

Tags: Fake Tits, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/040922intertub/0.jpg

Anal Creampie 2

Claudia Marie, Puerto Rock
Claudia Marie the way we LOVE her...A long anal scene that goes "straight to the A" and leaves that stretched hot hole full of cum! The scene begins with a muscled Puerto Rican stud commenting on how he impregnated her a few weeks ago with a creampie. And now? He wants to do the same thing inside her...

Tags: Anal, Creampie, Fake Tits
Claudia Marie big tit video content/030922analcreampie2/0.jpg

Whore Bride

Claudia Marie, Kris K
Claudia Marie is super excited. She and Mr. Marie are going to do a wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas! The saggy tit cow is just waiting for her beautiful wedding dress to arrive from the cleaners. When the guy from the dress cleaners arrives though, he has bad news: The dress won't be ready today!!!...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/031022whorebride/0.jpg

Girls Night

Cherry Mavrik, Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie has made a new friend. And the two girls have been going out partying for a few weeks and having fun. But when Claudia Marie decides she wants to have some girl/girl sex, her girlfriend Cherry Mavrik reveals a surprise...a big hard cock!!! Cherry fucks CM twice and cums twice. That lady...

Tags: Fake Tits, Transgender
Claudia Marie big tit video content/030722girlsnight/0.jpg

Thick As Fuck

Claudia Marie
After several Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries over the past few years, Claudia Marie now has an ass that is fat as hell! Full of dimples and cellulite, it is so round and perfect. Combined with her huge saggy, low hanging fake tittys...and plump all comes together to make Claudia Marie THICK...

Tags: Fake Tits, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022822thickasfuck/0.jpg
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