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Big Tits Claudia Marie
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Bigger & Saggier

Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie has had ANOTHER titty surgery. This time she had her own body fat added in to her cow titties. And then she had the surgeons remove all inner stitching that they use to make boobjobs stand up so that her udders would hang even lower! And here is her first solo scene with these magnificent,...

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/032524biggersaggier/0.jpg

Interracial Adultery 4

Claudia Marie, Longway
Claudia Marie's husband is out of town. He hasn't been gone 5 minutes before the fat whore has a black stud over to commit adultery...AGAIN! Her heavy, heavy 4,200cc's each saline filled balloon tits are worked good and sucked hard. Then the plumper drops to her knees and sucks that black cock. He then...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, HotWife, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/021524interadultery4/0.jpg

Sexy Clothes 8

Claudia Marie
Spring is in the air! So Claudia Marie squeezes her fat ass and gigantic saggy fake titties into tiny bikinis to get ready for summer!

Tags: Fake Tits
Claudia Marie big tit video content/022124sexyclothes8/0.jpg

Joclyn Stone

Claudia Marie, Joclyn Stone
A wealthy client has paid Joclyn Stone to inject Claudia Marie with fertility medication, and then turn her into a breeding sow for black men! Joclyn Stone administers the high powered fertility mixture to Claudia Marie's shaved whore pussy while pumping CM's clit to enormous size to make her even more...

Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Fake Tits, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/020724joclynstone/0.jpg

Muscle Girlfriend

Brooke Diesel, Claudia Marie
Mr. Marie met muscle girl Brooke Diesel at the gym and the two of them started having an affair. Brooke wants to help Mr. Marie stop his whore wife Claudia Marie from cheating on him all the time, so she confronts the huge tit cow and exerts her physical superiority over the soft, fat assed whore. But...

Tags: Fake Tits, Lesbian
Claudia Marie big tit video content/012624muscle/0.jpg

Black Bull Breeding 14

Claudia Marie, Kas
Giant tit and fat assed porn cow Claudia Marie is once again hooking up with another black bull. But before they get started, the fat white slut tells her stud that she hasn't been on birth control for 2 months! She asks him to make sure that he doesn't cum inside of her. She says that her husband will...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Interracial
Claudia Marie big tit video content/011624blackbull14/0.jpg

Marilyn Mayson

Claudia Marie, Marilyn Mayson
Claudia Marie decides to get her husband a gift. So she pays the hottest BBW in the world, Marilyn Mayson, to service him! Mr Marie is so grateful that he insists that CM gets first crack at the fat whore. And so begins massive titty shaking, thunderous ass-quaking, blobs of belly flesh jiggling and...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Group Sex, Natural Tits
Claudia Marie big tit video content/011624marilyn/0.jpg

Paid, Fucked, Creampie

Claudia Marie, JDawg
25 Year Old Salvadoran stud JDawg is in Vegas to spend money and have a good time. So he hires THE Whore Of Las Vegas, Claudia Marie! And he gets every dollar's worth of this fat whore! He purchases the "Pornstar Experience" with the "Bareback / Creampie" option. And then he takes command of CM's soft...

Claudia Marie big tit video content/010824paidfuckedcreampie/0.jpg
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