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Big Tits Claudia Marie
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Big Tit HotWife

Claudia Marie, Mr. Marie
Fat bimbo Claudia Marie tells her husband that she is going out on a HotWife date with a black guy. So she leaves him at home and meets up with her lover. After satisfying the young black man, she decides to spend the whole night with him. A true HotWife bimbo whore.

Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Fake Tits, HotWife
Claudia Marie big tit video content/061324bigtithotwife/0.jpg

Cuckold 2

Bruce Banger, Claudia Marie
The fans have DEMANDED it! And now it's happening! It's CUCKOLD 2. And this time Mr. Marie gets cucked HARD! Fat white hotwife Claudia Marie chooses a ruthless, hard black bull to "train" Mr. Marie to be a cuck. And after humiliating the helpless husband he fills the bimbo wife with his potent black...

Tags: Creampie, Cuckold, Fake Tits, HotWife
Claudia Marie big tit video content/061324cuckold2/0.jpg

Big Saggy Bimbo Tits

Claudia Marie
Fat bimbo Claudia Marie had her tits made saggier and her ass made fatter. She bounces, sucks, swings, and works those long heavy saggers. Every vein, every stretch mark on those tits is showing. And then there's that perfect pink pussy. That fat, cellulite dimpled ass. That belly covered in stretchmarks....

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/060324saggybimbo/0.jpg

Servicing Mexican Cock

Claudia Marie, Rico Reyes
Claudia Marie had been admiring Rico Reye's long and hard cock online for a long time. So she asked him to come to Las Vegas to meet her. After working the whore's giant saggy fake melons, his long cock went right in between her bimbo lips to suck on. Then he rough fucked the fat bitch with his perfectly...

Tags: Anal, Creampie, Fake Tits, HotWife
Claudia Marie big tit video content/052824servicemex/0.jpg

Rap Video Audition

Claudia Marie, Shawn Owens
The curtain is pulled back on the Hip-Hop Music Industry as we see how they end up fucking all of our hottest white women. The scene opens with a Rap Music Mogul preparing to "audition" thick white hoes in Las Vegas for an upcoming rap music video. He calls to have the big titty white bitch sent in and...

Tags: Creampie, Fake Tits, Interracial, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/050924rapvideo/0.jpg

New Tits First Cumshot

Claudia Marie, Hawk
Claudia Marie is out walking in Las Vegas enjoying her new bigger and saggier fake titties. A Native American stud named Hawk sees her and asks if he could possibly see her new tits. Claudia Marie explains that she might get in trouble if she took them out in public. Hawk graciously offers to allow her...

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy
Claudia Marie big tit video content/041624newtitscumshot/0.jpg

Fat TNA 2

Claudia Marie
After shooting an all anal scene with 2 hard Latino studs, Claudia Marie's gaped asshole is in need of a rest. So she shows us her super low hangers and fat cellulite ass. Gallons of saline and pounds of cellulite on this fat whore. Truly a magnificent and dick-hardening experience!

Tags: Fake Tits, Saggy, Solo
Claudia Marie big tit video content/040924fattna2/0.jpg

Anal Invasion

Claudia Marie, JDawg
Two Latino bulls see Claudia Marie walking down a hallway to her hotel room. They follow and enter her room. Her shirt is quickly torn off and her mountainess new, bigger, saggier titties spill out. The two studs grab those huge udders and begin hungrily feeding on them. And then they put the whore on...

Tags: Anal, Creampie, Fake Tits, Group Sex
Claudia Marie big tit video content/040924analinvasion/0.jpg
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